Foreign Fashion of the Day

All over the world different cultures have different ways of expressing themselves. Sometimes its for religious purposes such as the hijab and sometimes its for cultural reasons such as the Indian Saree. Either way, westerners are often taken back when they meet people of foreign lands, especially south Asia where the dress is very different … Continue reading Foreign Fashion of the Day


Summer Clothes vs. Winter Clothes

As Cincinnati weather goes, I feel like this has been a pretty weird week. (first it was flooding, then super nice, then snowing.... I mean really make up your mind). All these weird weather patterns have made me hope for summer, it's not that far away after all. I, for one, am a huge fan … Continue reading Summer Clothes vs. Winter Clothes

Frightly Fashions: A Guide to a Bewitching Halloween Costume

Welcome to your guide to group costumes for the best Halloween ever. I love Halloween, the horror movies and the candy, but most of all I love the costumes. Whether you are just dressing up for school festivities,  crazy parties, or teenager trick or treat, Halloween is usually a great time for everyone (sorry nutritionists but free … Continue reading Frightly Fashions: A Guide to a Bewitching Halloween Costume